Workplace CPR & AED Certifications in Richmond, VA

Classes We Offer

CPR AED for Community & Workplace class

The CPR AED for Community and Workplace training course is designed specifically for laypeople and is an excellent choice for CPR and defibrillator training in both community and workplace settings. This extremely flexible program will help prepare individuals to respond to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and choking incidents. This CPR AED for Community and Workplace course conforms to the 2020 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC.

Performin CPR on Prestan Mannequin

Class Audience

Individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers but who desire, or are required,
to be certified in CPR and the use of an AED:

  • Emergency response teams in business and industry
  • Adult residential care personnel
  •  Teachers
  •  Parents
  •  Babysitters

Upcoming CPR and AED for Community & Workplace classes

Why Get Certified

The CPR and AED training and certification process takes just a few hours to complete but can help you deliver the care that someone needs while waiting for medical professionals to arrive. When you successfully complete any of our in-person or blended learning courses, you’ll receive a two-year certification, as well as access to refresher that can help you maintain your skills throughout your certification period.