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CPR AED and First Aid Combo class

HSI’s CPR AED and First Aid training program is designed for participants to gain or improve knowledge and skill proficiency in Adult First Aid and CPR AED for adult, child, and infant. This program includes flexible instructional tools for developing proficiency via demonstration and prompted practice, including scenario-based problem-solving exercises with feedback. The course reflects the latest resuscitation science and treatment recommendations published by the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), and it conforms with the 2020 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC and the annual Guidelines Update.

First Aid

Class Audience

The intended audience is individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers who desire, or are occupationally required, to be trained and certified in Adult First Aid and CPR AED for the adult, child, or infant. Classes available in English and Spanish

Cost: $90

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Why Get Certified

The CPR and First Aid training and certification process takes just a few hours to complete but can help you deliver the care that someone needs while waiting for medical professionals to arrive. When you successfully complete any of our in-person or blended learning courses, you’ll receive a two-year certification, as well as access to refresher that can help you maintain your skills throughout your certification period.