Proper Employee Training and Good Timing Saves Man’s Life

by Richmond Training Concepts

75-Year-Old Tom Ingui considers himself one lucky guy. Tom suffered a cardiac arrest at a Los Angeles-area gym back in October, and fortunately, his collapse was witnessed and caught on surveillance video.

Assistant Manager Noel Basilides at Anytime Fitness in Riverside, California, with the aid of a gym patron, performed CPR and used an AED to shock Tom back to life.

Our emergency care readers will appreciate the following statement from this confident rescuer and fitness center employee about the timing of his real-life skills application:

“What’s really crazy is I took my AED, CPR class one week ago.”

You truly never know when these skills are going to be called upon. It’s always exciting to learn about someone fortunate enough to have had “in the nick of time” training that they can use almost immediately. More often, though, that emergency care skill set doesn’t get called upon until later, when a student might not feel as confident as they did right after class.

Noel adds that a week ago he never would have thought he’d save someone’s life. Now he thinks every business should have an AED in case of emergencies. Kudos to Noel Basilides and Anytime Fitness for their appreciation of the tremendous value of CPR, AED, and First Aid training.