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COVID19 and CPR Classes
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prevention & Safety Information for Students
How are we handling classes during the COVID19 pandemic

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and are closely following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We understand this is a concerning time and people want to protect themselves; standard hygiene practices not only help prevent the spread of these novel viral illnesses, but also more common viruses, such as the flu.

Below are the steps Richmond Training Concepts is taking to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses during classroom activities.

  • Before the Class

    As we always recommend, if you have been ill or have any signs of illness within 24 hours prior to the class (fever, cough, breathing difficulties/shortness of breath, or other symptoms) you should not attend class and instead contact the Richmond Training Concepts to reschedule your training.

    When scheduling classes, you will be reminded about rescheduling if you have any symptoms of illness prior to class. All classes have limited student quotas to ensure 6 ft social distancing during the classes.

    Please be assured that all non-disposable equipment and manikins used during the class will have been cleaned prior to student use. The cleaning process:

    • Follows CDC guidance, including updated COVID-19 guidance
    • Is based on manufacturers’ directions
    • Adheres to use instructions for cleaning products
  • During the Class

    Your instructor will review the procedures we take during all classes to minimize the risk of infection. When using manikins and other training devices, we will follow these practices:

    • Students are highly encouraged to wear face coverings during class and while in the facility. It is understood and acceptable for brief periods of the classes that have CPR practice the mask will have to be lowered.
    • Instructors and students must perform hand hygiene using soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
    • At a minimum, hand hygiene should be performed at the following times:
      • Beginning and end of class
      • Before and after meals and snacks
      • Before and after skill practice sessions (When wearing gloves, hand hygiene should be done before putting on gloves and after removing them.)
    • Every student must wear gloves during all skill practices and assessment scenarios.
      • Every student must use a breathing barrier (provided by Richmond Training Concepts) when giving rescue breaths.
    • There will be 6 feet of separation of students and instructors at all times, as well as no physical contact for the skills.
    • An updated 1:1 student-to-manikin ratio will apply, or end-of-class level cleaning for AED training devices between students.
    • Each student will use their own breathing barrier when practicing on a manikin

    Appropriate cleaning of all class materials and surfaces, based on CDC guidance and the manufacturers’ approved processes for those cleaning products.

  • After Class
    • All manikins are cleaned using an approved process after each class. The cleaning process follows CDC guidance, the manikin manufacturer’s directions, and the process recommended by the cleaning product manufacturers.
    • Any other non-disposable equipment is also cleaned following CDC guidance and the manufacturer’s directions.

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